Five Oaks Stockfarms started with one mare, Missy.  Purchased as a weanling in 1981 Missy's
registered name was Tin Tizzy.  She was a daughter of Tinny Bars Poco and out of Lous Bay
Bunny.  Thus the legacy of Five Oaks Stockfarms began.

Over the following years, Missy was bred to several different stallions, two of the fillies and one colt
were saved back for breeding purposes.  These 3 horses as well as their dam would be the
foundation for our program.  Many more mares and 3 stallions were purchased to extend our
genetics.  To this day, descendants of Missy are found throughout our herd.

Our policy has always been that the dam is just as important as the stallion.  She must have a good
conformation with a good temperament as well as bloodlines.  A ill-tempered mare will likely have
an ill-tempered foal.  

Our stallions are chosen on the strictest of criteria, they must have superior bloodlines, a willing
attitude, and impeccable conformation.  The final criteria is the most important in our program, a
outstanding temperament.  Our stallions must be able to understand the difference between breeding
and showing.   

We are a small family farm standing 3 stallions to the public.  All training and showing is done by
our family.  

If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit, please feel free to
contact us by email or